Hi! I'm Daniela Sierra.

I've been working with my voice for the last 12 years in many different audio applications for commercial and advertising purposes, dubbing projects in Latin American Spanish (neutral) for movies and TV shows and original voices for animation. I also sing for spots, jingles and commercials. I’m a vocal coach for voiceover actors, dubbing professionals and singers.

Voice Reel


Dubbing artist

I have been a dubbing artist in Argentina and Colombia, working on films, TV series and commercials, reinterpreting different characters and roles in animation, documentaries, reality shows and fiction in Latin American Spanish (neutral).


I’m the voice behind several international brands (Radio and TV spots and commercials, bumpers, promos and segments, business and educational material, phone systems, e-learning, internet videos...)


I’ve participated in different projects as a comercial singer, lead vocalist, backup singer, and guest artist. I participated in “The Voice” (Colombian version 2013) and I’m currently working on my first solo album. On a commercial level, I’ve sung on jingles, soundtracks, theme songs, corporate material and music dubbing.

Original voices and ADR

I am an original voice actress for characters in animated productions, TV series, video games, audiobooks, digital applications and virtual reality experiences. In the area of audio postproduction, I do ADR (Automated dialogue replacement) for commercials, cinema and TV.

Other services


Vocal coaching
and training






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Daniela Sierra

Medellín - Colombia

Potenciado por: Agencia MuvaInfo-Factor

Daniela sierra